real talk.

Be honest: how often do you step in front of the camera?

Once a month? Once a year? Not since you were 12?

Now be even more honest: How often do you feel confident when you step in front of the camera?

Many women entrepreneurs are the kind of people who work all day in pajamas and set aside little time for self care. We only wear makeup or do our hair when we're heading out to a business event. It's easy to feel like we've let ourselves go as we continue to put our businesses, our families - anyone else - first.

While we believe that every woman is beautiful in their bare skin, working long hours or raising children (or both!) leave many of us feeling - and looking - worn and tired.

confident. beautiful. you.

I Feel Pretty is an event for women like you. You'll be pampered for a few hours as we serve you wine, professionally do your hair and makeup, and give you an entire photo session to be yourself.

Don't worry about knowing how to pose or what to do with your hands - we're there to guide you along the way.

You go home with a bottle of local wine and a gallery full of images for you to use however you like: update your headshots, use them for your blog, share on social media, print one for your partner to keep on their desk at the office.

Whatever you choose to do with your photos, we hope that whenever you look at them you'll feel as confident and beautiful as you are - inside and out.

what you get:

Your session begins with a glass of wine as you settle in.

Liz Miiller will style your hair and makeup, giving you a look that's fresh and naturally you. (A $250 value)

You will then join photographer Alicia Bruce of Love Knot Photo for a 45 minute private portrait session. 
(A $350 value)

And finally, you will be sent off with a bottle of wine from our a local winery.

A $620 value, you get it all for $450.

Each attendee will receive a pre-session questionnaire so we can learn a bit more about who you are. Your photo session will be tailored to suit your personality.

Want to come with a friend? Contact us and we'll schedule your sessions back-to-back.

Click here to read my blog post for more details about why Liz and I think this session is so great for women entrepreneurs!


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Just fill in the blanks, and I'll get back to you with an invoice (split into two payments of $225) and a questionnaire so we can get to know you a bit better.

we'll get back to you soon with ticket information!

thank you!